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Source Photonics designs, manufactures and sells a comprehensive line of optical communication products. Source products are designed to meet the increasing bandwidth requirements for delivering video, voice and data to both residential and business enterprise customers. These offer several advantages to their customers, including:

Leading line of PON-related products. Source Photonics has become one of the world's leading suppliers of triplexers and diplexers used in PONs, which enable FTTP networks. Source product portfolio is distinguished by superior performance and high quality which has allowed quick innovation of new products at a lower cost.

Broad portfolio of transceivers. Source offers a broad product line of transceivers in a variety of packaging configurations which have applications primarily in metro and access networks. Source products work across a variety of networking environments with a wide range of bandwidth and reach specifications.

Low-cost manufacturing. Source Photonics employs a manufacturing strategy that minimizes costs and reduces lead times for customers.

Cost efficient operating model. Source has a large pool of research and development and related support staff in China which allows development of products at much lower cost.

Vertically-integrated business model. Source Photonics has substantial in-house design and manufacturing resources which enables customization of existing products from the subsystem level down to the chip level. This allows innovation throughout the product development lifecycle, and to adapt to market requirements and customer needs.

Cost-effective, highly agile product design and development. Time to market is an increasingly important competitive differentiator. Source has a global research and development centers in California, Taiwan, and China which have broad experience in optical component and subsystem development. This deep, global experience in PON solutions and transceivers allows Source to rapidly develop solutions to customer problems.

Global customer base and support services. Source Photonics has strong relationships with many of the world's leading telecommunication systems vendors. These vendors have deployed their systems globally, thereby increasing Source's exposure to multiple, worldwide FTTP rollouts. This set of customer relationships provides Source a diverse foundation upon which to capture a bigger share of the market.

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